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Felipe Martina

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A generalist full-stack tech professional with a strong focus on AWS and cloud computing in general. I am highly passionate about Technology, always thriving to provide customers with the most efficient and innovative solution to their needs and expectations. Many years working in the software consulting sector gave me the opportunity to deliver dozens of robust mission-critical solutions for customers across different industries. But what I really cheer is being able to participate and make a difference on projects along their entire lifecycle, from gathering the requirements all the way to the "go live".

Daily tasks that I carry on include:
- Architecture real-time highly scalable solutions leveraging AWS, GCP, and Azure.
- Size, advise, and carry on migrations from on-prem environments to public cloud providers.
- Automated provisioning through Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD processes.
- Lead fast-paced teams during development and implementation.
- Cloud Governance and Cost optimization.
- Security and compliance assessment.
- Communicate with customers to gather, prioritize, and size requirements.
- Give training sessions and workshops to customers and internal staff.
- Define onboarding processes, developers' handbooks, and company-wide best practices.


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