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Hello everyone.
I am a quick-learning, open-minded, analytical, researcher and a cat person. I like playing video games, chess, and football. Although my bachelor's degree is in mechanical engineering I work as a system maintainer which is a kind of data analyst. I believe our graduation titles are never an obstacle to becoming what we want to be. On the contrary, it helps me understand more of programming. So I am self-taught. At my current position, I can code in Python, VBA-Excel, Javascript with some Google APIs. I have brought to this role because of my software skills. This new position in the same company is nothing to do with my old position which is mechanical maintenance engineer related to the natural gas distribution network. I learned to code all by myself and continuously develop my talents more each day. I started coding with Visual Basic for Applications to ease my daily tasks in MS Excel. In addition to that, in my personal life, I tried a couple of frameworks such as Laravel, Django, Node combining them with MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB. These training helped me understand the core concepts of both native and web programming in general. Recently I am making researches on machine learning and deep learning. My main objective is to work abroad to experience different cultures, to meet new people and to be a member of a good team who can be organized to solve problems together. For me, it is important not to judge people by their looks, ideas, gender, nationality or religion. If we learn to like each other we can create better products or services. Lastly, I am a volunteer at Volunteer Movement and helping others makes me feel good. This has been always the true motivation for me.


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