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Full stack Javascript developer with 11 years of experience working with startups to enterprise. My specialty is the front end and frameworks like React and Angular, although I'm also skilled in Node.js and LEMP/LAMP.

I'm available for either projects or as part of your team, on a temporary or possibly a permanent basis (I would consider a full time position if a good match).

Skills: Javascript (ES 3/5/6), HTML, CSS, Node.js, React, Redux, React Native, Angular 1, Babel, Typescript,Websockets, Webpack, Grunt, PHP, Mysql, Postgres, Linux, Nginx, Apache, Drupal, Wordpress and more.

Things I'm good at: solid, user friendly, performant, modern UIs made with current best practices, single page apps, creating or integrating web services and APIs (Rest, Websockets), CRUD backends, authentication, CMS development or theming (Drupal, Wordpress) and more.


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