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While I'm guessing that I'm not going to be the cheapest bid for your AWS needs, I know that you'll see my quality when it comes to either code, workflows or designing AWS architectures.

I've been fortunate enough to be doing what I love, which has given me the mindset to always thrive for perfection, that is why I think it differentiates me from most of the other freelancers who're just willing to get the job done without respecting the ethics, quality or professionalism.

I will let my profile speak for itself about my skillsets instead of me bragging about things I specialize in.

I'm not for every employer out here, and I'm quite picky about whom I want to work with because if we don't blend in professionally then that's going to be a waste for both of us.

Now if you are someone who looks for quality understands the price that comes with experience, then I think you will consider yourself lucky enough to have someone like me in your team.


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