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Hello! I am better experienced at AWS, Docker and Kubernetes. Here is something about my experience and how I have been helping my customers before.

As an experienced Devops Architect and Saas Chief Architect and I have been closely working on this from 16 years:

- Resolving server issues with Windows IIS and Linux servers
- Web server setup, maintenance and upgrades
- Setup a modern, load-balanced infrastructure in place
- MySQL / Mongo DB database migration. Setup Galera Cluster for our database and master-
master replication
- Upgrades, optimizations and security
- Load testing using Jmeter
- Deploy updates and fixes using Jenkins or other tools
- Monitor behavior and trends to determine when autoscaling is necessary
- Create sensible autoscaling policies as per requirement
- Migrate to a containerized model to improve both production environment and developer
- Good at providing Level 2 and Level 3 Support
- Identify, mitigate and resolve issues at infrastructure level using automation or fixes
- Perform root cause analysis for production errors
- Investigate and resolve technical issues
- Design procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance

My goals are to help create and manage existing AWS, docker kubernetes infra that would free my customers up to do what they're awesome at, while I handle the day-to-day devops and system engineering tasks along with helping your team. I've consulted with dozens of small businesses. So I know first-hand the challenges in managing and providing solution for Cloud based infrastructures. I can help make their life easier by taking some of the load off.

If we were to get started, here's how I would approach this project:
1. Chat with you to determine pain points and processes that need to be improved and offloaded (On which I need more details from you).
2. Prioritize the above to get as much off your plate as efficiently as possible.
3. Document all points required and to be delivered items, so that it's very clear what's getting done, who's doing it and on what schedule.
4. Once we establish the new processes and automation for AWS, docker / Kubernetes is in place, then I would look for ways to optimize this and save you even more money by rightly utilizing the resources you have. Once stable processes are in place, I would help you to understand how we can more optimize and improve current setup with new tech stack.
5. Over time, I'll continue to keep you updated with new and latest technologies and infrastructure tools.


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