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Thank you for visiting my profile.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Kiryl and I am a senior iOS developer. I have almost 10 years of experience in objective-c/swift (iOS) where almost all of them I've worked on commercial products (mainly it was B2B/B2C applications which interact with a server-side). I've made a lot of cool and interesting projects, some of them you can find in my portfolio, but others are under the NDA.

I'm actively looking for new exciting projects. I do not claim that I am the best developer. But, I have a few key attributes that stand me out of the crowd:
-I always try to write clean and manageable codes
-I can work without supervisions, can connect the dots with minimal information available, and I ask the right questions.
-I prioritize to think like a client while I work on something and address all aspects of the technical and usability issues.
-I have been working in a startup environment over last year and I have a strong understanding of "deadline" word. I always share technical aspects and timings with owners to make sure of


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