What is Codestunts?


We're creating jobs in Mount everest, bringing IT services to North pole

Codestunts is an outsourcing platform that connects people with qualified independent professionals in the business of software development, design, consultation, installation, project management and related IT services.

You can hire a rockstar coder in 60 seconds with a seamless onboarding process or start your own freelance career right now, no matter where you are.

Who we are

We're group of freelancers who connected from various countries to create a moderated business platform that provides equal rights to both clients and service providers.

Our story

Once upon a time, a software developer quit it's boring fulltime job and started to work as freelance by registering at an online outsourcing platform. It was gateway to coder's heaven, discovered new industries from airlines to medical care with a good income after messing with a butcher's online meat store just for living.

Paradise is over after acquirement of that platform by another. A client who used to buy services from there connected the freelancers who experienced variations of same story and eventually a team formed itself under the idea of a completely automated all in one IT recruitment platform. Codestunts first launched at 2014 as a private marketplace, iterated itself twice and relaunched as a complete project management system from hiring to payment with support of Stripe, SC Ventures and private investors from HR industry.

How we work

Usually outsourcing companies requires a fulltime staff to handle brand's core feature. Today Codestunts solved the complexity of the platform operations, exclusively the risk management by intelligent machine learning algorithms and assigned the expensive manpower to development of the platform.


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