Purchasing things is easy with enough money. Buying services of a living, breating person is not. Sole businessmen like lawyers, doctors, engineers, plumbers even hookers require a clear communication and a little bit motivation to do their jobs.

Software developers require more attention than a regular freelancer. You can spread tons of money and get a business logo from Banksy but you can't get a an ERP software from Khaled Mardam-Bey

I will never ask you to do anything that I wouldn't do myself.

First of all, you have to understand basics of programming languages and operating systems. At least knowing difference between a script and compiled executable is okay. Consider you're going to hospital for splenectomy, if you don't know inner workings of your body, doctor might remove your tonsils too just because increase amount of the bill.

It's same for software development, if you decide to work with a guy who asking $100 for a $1k job, you most likely spend that $1k to hosting company due to poor performance of your custom built software.

So how do you measure worth of the your software idea? simply just ask. Ask in different outsourcing platforms, get prices from various people and find an average price in your mind.

Did you found it? now narrow the list of candidates who placed proposal near that cost and proceed to review, take a look to their rating, feedback, previous work and say hi. Observe that is he/she offering a solution or praising himself.

Occam's razor principle applicable in here, accept offer of who have shortest solution to your problem.

Outsourcing platforms like Codestunts, most secure way to start a business relationship with a complete stranger. You can get a refund from platform in worst case or review your experience to tell others. It's like having fight with a stranger who potentially stab you from back, you would do it in far from eyes or in public?

Basically you have more job to do than your new recruit. So what's the point if you're capable to do the actual job instead finding/managing someone to do it? Same amount of energy and time, plus have pay for the work.

That's the line between being a boss or labor. You can earn another $1k anytime from anywhere but you can't buy back the passed time. If you enhance the recruitment skills, next time you will most likely find someone for your task with less duration and hassle. At the end, you can use your communication/management skills as level of your career, most tech companies started via this way.

Believe me, i learned that via hard way. My freelancer friends might say "hey are we become labor now?" slow down man, earn enough experience and funds that you would not need it, then consider assigning tasks to someone else. Step by step.