While the global industry slowly transcends into automation, the way people work also transcending into something different. You know what i'm talking about, that's remote work.

That business culture didn't fit into social understanding yet in 2018, hope you're laugh to those words if you're reading in 2118. People still treating freelancers like their fulltime employee and trying to take advantage of them as possible. Here we're compiled the early signs of the five common client types, maybe that would be useful on your next contract.

1. Speed Dater

Do you know php? have you created something in wordpress? Let's get started, you're hired!

No, you don't. Usually that kind of clients just trying the "online outsourcing" by suggestion of a friend or just tired from telling same things to a second even third freelancer. Don't expect any cooperation on this project if something goes wrong or hit to a dark spot that didn't mentioned in job description.

2. Cheapskates

Take that five bucks and create a social platform for me. Forgot to mention, i want all features of facebook.

Those kind of clients evolved recently, they got new tricks. Usually job titles start with "easy project", "5 minutes of work" or they explain details in private.

Even if a project starts as a regular job, your last days become hell when you asked for payment. "Let's add this feature very quick and i'll pay you" even if you add that feature, you have to revise it couple times.

Also they might ask you "minor" favors on your fixed price project. Just kindly inform them about if they have side requests, they should create a hourly contract.

3. Blackmailers

Add that last feature to project or i'll leave a bad feedback.

You heard that couple times if found the job from a public job board and you're added that feature didn't you? Reputation is everything on those platforms, look for freelancing platforms that have a solid support which can take action on those kind of events.

If you're finding job, closing the deal, working on the project and handling the possible disagreements afterwards plus they're getting commission from transaction, for what?

4.Overly attached

Hi, how it's going?................... Hi, are you there? ............ ???? what's going on answer me!

You did that mistake by giving your skype id or phone number. If they're asking for update on each couple hours, create a shared spreadsheet or an online kanban board and send updates from there. Boundaries are good.

ps: Codestunts have a built-in kanban board.

5. Not attached at all

Don't ask any questions, just do whatever you think best.

two months later...

Uhm, remember the project you worked on couple months ago? can you change something very quick?

Those are usually businessmen who giving orders from their comfort zone. Problem is they don't care about you and what you done, how you done. Just sends the payment upfront and leaves you with the project. If something goes wrong, you might have a popup job in next couple months.

Last words

Got experience with similar clients? comment below!