Next Generation Outsourcing

Codestunts is an IT outsourcing platform which allows to hire and attach
rockstar software developers to your project with one click.

We're launched private beta at 20.06.2016 and updating the platform according to last-minute policy changes.You can still join to codestunts community by registering below before the official launch.

The science behind Codestunts

Faster collaboration

Usually most project's more than 50% of progress wasting with communication. also human factor can cause project cancellation even if deliverables achieved to 99% success. Codestunts removes this barrier by providing smart project tracking tools to keep communication in minimum between employer and freelancer.

No bidding madness

Codestunts will automatically match you with freelancers who done similar jobs like your posted one. That allows employers to make more straight decisions to hire right person for their project. Also as a benefit of this system, freelancers can focus their active project instead pursuing their next job.

Balanced Platform

Unlike other outsourcing services, Codestunts removes the buyer domination on projects and provides equal rights to both parties.